What’s inside


PT DWI ANGKASA Is an Approved Maintanance Organization (AMO) that has been approved by the Indonesian Goverment Agency Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on September 2009 , (DGCA Approved No. 145/66700)

Located In Bandung Busines area at Arum Sari VIII  No IIIA Kiara Condong, Bandung 40283 Indonesia , We Operate to set facility for maintanance of Aircraft Emergency Equipment

Our Values

Concern For People

Providing mutual respect and care, giving opportunities to build genuine relationships and mutual trust between Dwi Angkasa employees through recruitment systems, placements, and human resource development in an open, fair, objective, and proportionate manner.


Sincerity and uprightness expressed through the unity of words and actions in applying the values, ethics and professional business and company regulations consistently despite possible difficult circumstances, to gain maximum trust.


Completing tasks skillfully and earnestly according to technical standards and business ethics.


Full cooperation based on mutual respect as well as mutual understanding of each other's functions and roles in order to fully complete the job by empowering all resources to achieve Corporate goals.